The Moment You’ve Fallen in Love with a Show

Stone Tape Party Promotional PictureI never set out in life to be a stage manager. I started acting, if you could call it that, when I was in high school and the musical came around. I did 12 musicals and 1 Shakespeare from the time I started high school to the end of my freshman year of college; a various combination of them on stage and in the pit band. I took a chance at directing my sophomore year of college and then at the end of the year a friend of mine, my very first director (Lucas), decided that I was a stage manager. It seemed odd to me at the time that someone who had never been a stage manager was asked to do that job. But Lucas trusted me.

That’s how I ended up stage managing 7 more shows after that first one. 8 shows where my job was to make a director’s vision a reality.

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“You Know, Your Cousin Works on CSI”, Or How I Finally Made it to California

Welcome to Hollywood

My mother has this story that she likes to tell where I’m three years-old and I’m sitting on the front porch of our house in sub-urban Baltimore with suitcase waiting for a cab to come down the street and whisk me away to the airport. When the neighbor asked where I was going, my response was a simple, one word place. “Califorja”, which roughly translated from three years-old me to mean “California”. I’m unsure why I was heading there, but I can only surmise that I wanted to be in Hollywood and that I had seen so many movies where you catch cabs when they come down the street and that was what I was doing. Needless to say, I didn’t make it the airport that day. Apparently I became angry with the neighbor when he asked if I needed a ride. I don’t try to pretend I understand the workings of a three years-old me.

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2013: A Year in Review

This last year is what I am calling the year of lost adventures. It’s not that there weren’t adventures. There definitely were as this post will prove, but rather that my blogging skills this year were rather lost. I had ideas of photography projects and writing projects that didn’t pan out for various reasons. So it seems fitting to call 2013 the year of lost adventures. Anyway, without further ado, here is the year in review for 2013. It is full of adventures and I can only hope that 2014 holds just as many.

First shot of 2013
First shot of 2013

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The Best Advice I Ever Took: Pursue What You Love, or How Benedict Cumberbatch Saved My Master’s Degree

The Diploma Shot

I’m sure you’re wondering about the title of this post. I will explain I promise. But, it’s a long story that culminates in me holding this beautiful piece of paper that I received in the mail not that long ago. But, that’s how the story ends. I figured now was as good a time as any to make this post. While I technically walked in May, my diploma didn’t come until August…which means I get to celebrate it now according to my university…and I’ve been holding on to this post for a while. Bit nervous to post it. Ok. Now. Let’s start at the beginning.

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What November Taught Me About Writing

For the third time in the last three years, I have attempted to write in the challenge known as NaNoWriMo. The challenge is simple. Write a novel (50,000 words) in one month (30 days). Sounds easy enough. However, there is a distinct difference, I have found, between sounding easy and being easy. Writing 1,667 words one day for a month sounds easy…until you have to take into consideration all of the other projects, commitments, and general things you have to do because life demands them.

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2012: A Year of Adventure in Review

An update to this blog is way overdue. My apologies for not doing it sooner. For now, I start by saying that 2012 was a year that was everything I wanted and more. If this was truly going to be the end of the world, this is how I would have wanted to go out…not with a fizzle, but with a giant bang.

Here we are last New Year's Eve welcoming in 2012!
Here we are last New Year’s Eve welcoming in 2012!

Rewind to January of 2012. As January 1 of 2012 began to rise, I found myself at home in Baltimore with my parents and many of my friends. 2011 had been a blast and 2012 held promise that it would be better than any previous year. And sure enough, it was.

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There and Back Again

So, I’ve not been very good at updating…which is honestly not surprising. Not at all considering that I’ve got an enormous amount of schoolwork to do this semester, a show that is taking up all of my free time and a part-time job. Yeah. Not surprising to anyone that I haven’t been good about updating or talking about my plans.

Well, in case you haven’t already gathered, Geoff, Esther and I went to the U.K. to visit Chelsea. It’s a trip that we started planning back in August when Chelsea left for school. It finally came and so, here I am updating about my trip. Sorry this is super long.

Here we go!

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