Portugal and Spain Cityscapes

In November 2022, I took a trip to Portugal and Spain. The first international trip in a while due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. On this trip, I took with me my standard and faithful DSLR (a Canon EOS Rebel T1i named Veronica) that has traveled the world with me for over 10 years now. I also took with me an antique camera that I was gifted, a Brownie Holiday (not named as of yet), that uses 127 film.

We visited 9 cities on the trip, and I had 8 shots on the roll, so I decided to shoot a cityscape in almost every city we stopped in (I did not take a cityscape on my Brownie in Tarifa, Spain). The image on the left is the photo taken with the Brownie Holiday and the image on the right is taken with Veronica. I tried to get almost the exact same shot (I mostly succeeded) to compare the scene from both cameras. (One side note: before I got to Portugal, I passed through the Geneva airport and they made me put my camera with film in it through the X-ray machine. I’m unsure if this affected the quality of those shots or not)

Porto, Portugal

Coimbra, Portugal

Lisbon, Portgual

Sintra, Portugal

Evora, Portugal

Faro, Portugal


Sevilla, Spain