Becky has been described as a paper crane amidst a world of boxes. She is a beauty pageant contestant turned ballerina turned musician turned actor turned photographer and sometimes filmmaker who has found herself living and traveling all over the world.

Much of her free time is spent at the ice rink practicing jumps and spins, or in hockey skates working on her shot (she plays on 6 beer league teams). The rest of her free time is taken up with reading books, obsessing over TV shows, traveling wherever her feet may take her (she likes to travel with her skates whenever possible), digging through antique stores (she’s never found one she doesn’t like) or yelling at a hockey game like a disappointed mother. 

She loves adventures and a good story. And thinks everyone should always try anything at least once. Her craziest adventure involved driving to Toronto with her best friend to see her favorite K-Pop band, SHINee.

Join her on this journey of twists and turns, won’t you? You can also follow her on Instagram or Twitter.