The End Is Near

Wow! I don't believe that it's March already. And not even just the beginning of March, but the middle. Two more weeks and the Wind Ensemble concert I've been working on goes up and the show, This Is Not Macbeth, that I've been stage managing goes up. And then soon, my big research paper will …

Semester Update Coming At You!

Good evening world! So, it has been a long time since I've updated here. Wow...Alright. So, the spring semester has and will continue to be a little hectic. I'm working on some films for my Film and Video Production I class and I'm working on scripts for my Writing for Visual Media. For my Intro …

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2009! Everyone has been expecting you. 2009 promises to be an amazing year. I hope it holds true to its word. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM MY CURRENT LOCATION OF BALTIMORE,MD! Also, coming soon will be some more photographs and more costumes! Keep watching! Love, Becky

Final Project…Take a Look

Dear Readers, Quick update here. Now brand-new, just finished final project for Visual Literacy. It can be found on the films page, and is entitled All The Difference. A lot of the inspiration for this film came from my favorite director, Alfred Hitchcock. More photographs, film and other fun things to come! Enjoy! Becky

New Things!

Good evening! Just a quick update. I've added another page to this blog titled Costumes and Make-Up. Featured on this page are costumes I've created and/or make-up that I've done. Go and take a look. Leave feedback. Enjoy! In the works is a short film. I'm not sure of the plot just yet or of …