Freedom of Speech Strikes Again!

While on my daily news quest through “The Baltimore Sun”, I happened to come across this article. Once again, freedom of speech has been upheld!

In short, the University of Maryland wanted to show a pornographic movie (rated XXX) on Saturday night. However, they were not allowed by the administration and the Maryland legislature threatened to pull funding to the school. On Monday, the students reserved a room and showed the first 30 minutes, and used the movie as a tool concerning freedom of speech. There were speakers and it proved to be a controversial topic that sparked a lot of debate, and people who wouldn’t have shown up to see the original screening showed up for this event.

As a college student and a media major, this automatically sparked my interest. I’m extremely excited to see the administration of the University of Maryland stepping up and defending the rights of the students. However, I do agree with the students of UMD and wish they had done it a little bit sooner. Freedom of speech is something that is protected by the Constitution, but on a college campus, it is an amendment that can be limited. Nonetheless, it’s thrilling to see the first amendment challenged and the result that comes from that challenge.

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