52 Frames. Week 13: Get Low

This week’s prompt was “Get Low” and this photo is titled “The Bride”. Saturday of this past week saw me officiating the wedding of my college roommate to a friend of mine. We drove to a lovely vineyard in Mt. Airy, North Carolina for the wedding, and once I saw the space, I knew I needed to take my photo of the week here.

I managed to steal the bride for a few moments and grabbed this shot. She knew this photo would end up as my photo and was actually trying to see if I could somehow fit the extra challenge in. Felt like old times in college.

To shoot this, I got as low to the ground as I could, made my adjustments, and then ended up just placing my camera on the gravel and hoping things worked.

Overall, I like the image. The wind blowing her dress gives some really great movement. I didn’t want to steal her too long, so I tried to take this image as quickly as I could. There are a few things I’d change, but I really do like this photo.

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