52 Frames. Week 12: Music

Titled “Swing, Swing, Swing”, this week’s photo fits the prompt ‘Music’ as it’s quite literally a picture of a swing band.

On Saturday night, my husband and I went swing dancing. There was a live band playing. I couldn’t help myself and snapped this picture just before we left for the evening (they were still continuing for another hour, but my husband was done dancing.)

While this photo was originally taken in color, I chose to shift it to Black and White and increase the graininess to give the impression of age. The dance took place in a ballroom that was built in 1933, so it only felt fitting to have this image be in Black and White.

This isn’t the original image or idea I had in mind for this prompt, but overall it worked out pretty well. Especially since I shot this photo on my phone and not a more traditional DSLR.

I’m traveling next week, so I’m interested to see what I come up with for the next prompt. Onward!

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