52 Frames. Week 4: Portrait of a Stranger

This week’s photo prompt was Portrait of a Stranger and I will talk to anyone. No matter who they are. I have plenty of stories of me randomly talking to someone only to find out they were someone famous afterward. When I worked in events, I spent a lot of time just chatting with celebs because I just talk to anyone who may listen.

This portrait of a stranger has an interesting story behind it. I spent my Friday night out at a bar shooting photos of my friend’s band and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to shoot my portrait of a stranger. Well…I spent a lot more time focusing on the photo shoot I was there for than asking strangers for photos…that didn’t stop this girl from asking me to take her photo. She saw me taking photos of the band and then demanded I take photos of her. I didn’t have time to reset my camera settings, so this is the resulting photo before she ran off into the crowd.

If I could shoot this over, I would have adjusted my camera settings. She was so excited to just have her picture taken that the resulting shots I got felt a little like a waste of a perfectly good model. But we aren’t aiming for perfect. We’re aiming for completing the prompt at hand. So onward to next week!

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