52 Frames. Week 6: Shallow Depth of Field

This week’s prompt was “Shallow Depth of Field” and I call this photo, “A Cat and His Toy”.

This is my cat, Winston. Oddly enough, he’s very photogenic and will actually hold still to take photos. Combined with the fact that I’m a little under the weather this week, he became the perfect subject for this week’s prompt. The green ball is one of his favorite toys and I was very grateful to catch this photo before he stole his toy to go play.

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52 Frames. Week 5: Black and White

Black and white photo of a hockey player wearing a jersey with the text "Player 31" written on the back. The player is passing the puck.

This week’s prompt was “Black and White”. This isn’t the original photo that I planned to submit for this week, but sometimes timing doesn’t work out in your favor and you just have to get something down. So here we are. I took this photo while I was out on the ice during warm-ups this past weekend during a pond hockey tournament in the Poconos. While I had my DSLR with me, taking photos on my phone proved to be the better way to capture the action of my teammates while out there.

This shot is one of my favorites due to the framing of my teammate. Off to next week!

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52 Frames. Week 3: Your Hobby

Image of a figure skate lying on its side with five medals draped over it.

This week’s photo prompt was “Your Hobby”…and well, I have many hobbies. So it took me a little bit to figure out what I want to photograph and how.

Ultimately, I decided on my figure skates because figure skating is one of those things for me that is pure happiness, even through moments of frustration. I started figure skating when I was 27 after I found the card for a figure skating coach in a local coffee shop. I had one goal in mind when I started. I wanted to be able to skate backward. Six years later and I’m getting ready for my third season of competitions…and I skate better backward than I do forward.

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52 Weeks. 52 Frames.

It’s the start of the third week in January – 16 days into 2023 to be exact. In the spirit of trying to reclaim my own creativity, which I’ve been trying to do for a while now, and inspired by a friend of mine who has a daily art practice, I’m going to give a photo challenge a try. The premise is easy – take one photo based on the prompt every week. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

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It’s Alive!

I’m sorry for the long break with nothing new. The last few months were kind of rough on me. As I wrote before, I worked two jobs and I prepared to leave the country for a year. Well, it’s finally happened and as I write this to you right now, I’m sitting on my bed in my apartment…in the Czech Republic. Which is where I will be studying the art of filmmaking. I’m so excited, but nervous. This has been a long time in the making and now that it’s here…wow. Just wow!

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