Daily Mail Crowned the Online King

This post was originally posted in Sutradhar’s Market. It was written by me!

Sutradhar's Market

by Becky Mezzanotte

It had to be one of the most interesting and disturbing tweets to come across my Twitter timeline in the last week: “How did the Daily Mail  conquer America? The UK tabloid has overtaken @NYTimes  as world’s most popular newspaper website” it read from BBC World.  It was and still is a good question. How did the Daily Mail become the most popular newspaper website?

Lucky for me and anyone else who saw this tweet come across their timeline, the BBC provided a quick and easy breakdown as to what the Daily Mail did to become the most popular online newspaper website. Basically, what it boils down to is very simple (though the BBC article goes into more depth):  they made the format of their website extremely appealing by using tons of pictures, and focused heavily on celebrity news.

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