2012: A Year of Adventure in Review

An update to this blog is way overdue. My apologies for not doing it sooner. For now, I start by saying that 2012 was a year that was everything I wanted and more. If this was truly going to be the end of the world, this is how I would have wanted to go out…not with a fizzle, but with a giant bang.

Here we are last New Year's Eve welcoming in 2012!
Here we are last New Year’s Eve welcoming in 2012!

Rewind to January of 2012. As January 1 of 2012 began to rise, I found myself at home in Baltimore with my parents and many of my friends. 2011 had been a blast and 2012 held promise that it would be better than any previous year. And sure enough, it was.

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Photo Journal: Week 3- January 29

Skull with Hamlet Script

I’m getting better. I’m only a few behind and I’m hoping to catch up entirely by next week. We shall see.

Anyway, this photo is representative as to how I will be spending the next seven weeks of my life. As many people know I don’t just makes films, but I also dabble in theater. Particularly in Shakespearean theater where I am primarily a stage manager. Our big spring show is Hamlet if you couldn’t tell, and Victor was kind enough to model for me as I took his photo with my script.

P.S.- You’ll probably also get some updates on how Hamlet is going as production progresses. So stay tuned for that!