52 Frames. Week 14: Fill The Frame

For this week’s prompt, I titled the photo “The Orange Chrysanthemum”. I knew I wanted to grab some shots from my grandmother’s house…I was originally trying to get some of the kids and their candy, or the Easter eggs. But, none of those came out the way I wanted. Instead, I turned my sights on non-moving subjects that I could really get up close and personal with.

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52 Frames. Week 12: Music

Titled “Swing, Swing, Swing”, this week’s photo fits the prompt ‘Music’ as it’s quite literally a picture of a swing band.

On Saturday night, my husband and I went swing dancing. There was a live band playing. I couldn’t help myself and snapped this picture just before we left for the evening (they were still continuing for another hour, but my husband was done dancing.)

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52 Frames. Week 11: High Noon

Titled “Shadows on the Wall”, this week’s prompt was High Noon. While out running errands with the boy today (oddly enough at a quarter past noon), I happened upon these shadows from the trees on the wall of a local restaurant. I liked the contrast and stark lines of them against the mostly solid-colored wooden wall and walkway.

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