Making a Comeback!

Wow. Three years…. That was the last time I wrote anything here and what a wild ride these past three years have been.

Let’s have a brief recap of the, shall we…

Becky’s first Awesome Con as Staff.

In 2014, almost immediately as I wrote my last post here, I started working for Awesome Con (which at the time was just Awesome Con). Now, it’s way more than that. I have become a professional fangirl. I work in fan conventions full time. You can find me running programming and panels at my shows, standing at a table promoting my shows at others show, or even presenting panels at cons. I never thought I would see myself here after I graduated with what I thought was a “not very practical” degree. But, I’ve made it work.

When I first started working for Awesome Con, I was working in social media. So, it’s no surprise that my personal social media died. I was busy tending to the work one…but as I’ve progressed and taken more work on the programming side, I’m back and making a comeback online!

2014 brought the first Awesome Con I worked in Indy, and then 2015 brought the first one in DC and then in October the one and only Stream Con…where working on both shows meant I didn’t sleep a lot, and I discovered that everything I did in college actually helped me in my real life job…I was shocked. To be completely honest, I don’t remember much of 2015. I worked a few theater shows and that put me on the map in DC as a props designer and started Korean lessons but beyond that, it wasn’t a terribly memorable year.

Yes, yes that is a Gundam in the background.

2016, however, saw a lot of things. The first ever Play Fair NY, where I ran the Main Stage, my trip to Japan to see my cousin, another Awesome Con, a trip to LA for KCon, and more theater shows where I designed the props than I can remember. It was a fun year, but it also brought about some physical problems for me and some emotional ones. Near the end of the year, I found I just wasn’t happy. I was doing things I once loved and it felt like a job, which is never something you want. So, I decided to trim the fat from my life at the end of the year.

I left the theater world behind at the beginning of 2017. I did one last show and then work became too busy and I wanted to pursue other things. So I left. I “retired.” I may return some day, but it probably won’t be for a while. I decided that I needed to take care of myself and make me happy again…which has been good.

The engagement ring.

In pursuit of renewing my happiness, I’ve found a renewed passion for things from my past. A wonderful anime called Yuri!!! On Ice waltzed or rather skated into my life and I’m back on the anime boat…which is good considering I’m working on an anime show for work. It’s also opened the door to new animes that I hadn’t considered before. It’s nice. I’ve also done a deep dive into my K-Pop fandom since the start of 2017. I’ve seen three bands (SHINee, BTS, and EXO) in concert and I’ll be seeing a fourth (KARD) in September. I’m watching more K-Dramas and I’m still learning Korean. I got engaged back in February to my partner of 10 years and we’re planning a wedding that’s going to be a super fun party for all of our friends. And I found that I had been physically sick with an autoimmune disease (for who knows how long) and now that I’m all sorted, I have more energy, I’m happier, and a lot of other things have sorted themselves as well.

So now that I’m sorted, I’m making a comeback! I think it’s about time. It’s going to be a great revamp and I’m excited to start blogging here again.

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