How Awesome Con Was Just That, Awesome

Awesome Con ArchLast Saturday, which seems like a long time ago now, Geoff and I made our way downtown for Awesome Con. A new convention to the Maryland/DC area, we decided to give it a shot. I mean, I’ve driven fourteen hours to Georgia for a con in its first year (I’m looking at you 221BCon). I didn’t even have to book a hotel room for this one.

What we found once we arrived was rather, well awesome. We found the line to enter the building and immediately got in line to pick up our pre-reg passes for the day. I admit, we did hit that line at probably the right time. I later heard it was a lot longer if you arrived later in the day, but our 9:30AM arrival time did just fine. The line moved super fast.

Lines at the Convention
Lines to get into the convention around 11:00AM.

We walked around the exhibit hall for a bit before we made our way to our first panel, The Prevalence of Dystopian Societies in Science Fiction, which was presented by the Museum of Science Fiction. Of course before we actually made it to the panel, we ran into a former professor of ours who was working on a documentary for the Museum of Science Fiction and a friend of mine was helping with the same doc. We had a nice chat and agreed to be interviewed before we got to the panel.

The panel itself was rather interesting. The panelists included a professor from AU, and two gentlemen who wrote dystopian science fiction stories. The discussion ranged from why dystopian societies are currently rising in terms of genre, to why they seem to be geared at young adults, to how they have changed over time. While the panel was done, the one criticism Geoff and I had was that it consisted of older white men on the panel. We did, however, make it a point to talk with the people at the Museum of Science Fiction and let them know that it was something we noticed and something to fix.

Much of the rest of the day was spent buying things in the exhibit hall, and  playing games with some friends from work that I found at the con since I never made it to the two other panels I had originally planned on.

The last thing we did before heading home was the voice actors radio show where there was a panel of voice actors and they read the script from Ghostbusters in the voices of cartoon characters that they did. It was hilarious. Also with a surprise visit from Ernie Hudson, who was in the movie. Well worth the time I spent waiting in line.

Becky and Geoff dressed as the Doctor and Rose
Geoff and I as Rose and the Doctor

Overall, I say this con was really well done. There were a lot of big stars that came out for this convention and while I did not see any of them, it was fabulous that they came out to support their fans. (I probably would have gone if we had been going for more than one day out of the con.) I like the fact that the convention was confined to certain hours. It made it feel like I hadn’t wasted an entire day being super nerdy…not that this is a problem, mind you.

I also liked how kid friendly the convention was. I don’t have children and I don’t plan on them, but seeing parents start their children in being nerdy early was great. Some of the vendors I also loved seeing like NASA and the DC Public Library (Geoff and I actually stopped for a photo op with them). My only complaint is that I wish there was more space in some of the panel rooms  and that the game room had been bigger. But, it was awesome and I can’t wait for next year. Perhaps we’ll see about going all three days.

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