Two and a Half Months

Two and a half months. That’s how far we are into 2014 and all I’ve done so far is write about how I’m going to write more content that’s actually worth something. I’ve done well I see.

It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything interesting for the last two and a half months. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve done quite a lot. I just keep forgetting to pull out a blank blog post and write about it here.

Let’s do some recap them, shall we. Hopefully this will make up for the lack of communication. I’ll elaborate with more detailed posts on everything that is worth elaborating on in the next few days. I think that sounds ok. Let’s do that.


The New Year started with a party at my parent’s house as it always does and by the middle/end of the month, I was engrossed in the new series of Sherlock. I’ve been reluctant to make any sort of public post about my opinions on the new series as there has been a lot of opinions flying around in the fandom. More on those opinions are going to come later. I’ve been meaning to write them. Why not now?

Group photo of E, Cait and me
Courtesy of Cait. At the skating rink.

Cait also came to visit and I took a few days off of work  to visit with her. We went ice skating at the sculpture garden, saw 12 Years a Slave and Philomena (movie reviews on those should be written and posted…hopefully soon…), had an exciting trip to dinner where the bus was pulled over and the fire alarm went off at the restaurant, and then watched Russian Holmes and Veronica Mars. It was an amazing visit and I can’t wait to see Cait again.


Cait’s departure pretty much brings us into February. I celebrated my 25th birthday with my parents at the very beginning of the month and then continued on my sewing spree of making a costume for this year’s Katsucon. That report is coming down the pipeline, even though it’s a month late. That’s a story that I need to recount, so it’s happening.

Other than that, February wasn’t all that exciting. I spent a lot of time sewing and then a lot of time writing. Which are productive things, but not things worth writing whole blog posts about.

March (s0 far)

And now we’ve hit, March. It started with an Oscar party two weekends ago, then the Welcome to Night Vale Live Show, followed by the 100th Super Art Fight Show and then the Veronica Mars Movie. All of these things will get a blog post.

That’s seven blog posts that I owe this site. Guess I better get writing. But, there you have it. The things that have been going on for the last two and a half months. Here’s to me getting my writing act together and actually keeping track of everything like I did in the past. I do love writing blog posts, I just keep forgetting to do it.

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