The Golden Globes Debriefing 2.0

So, here we are. The first post of the New Year and it gets to be about an awards show. (I’m already behind on my blogging for the year.) I have several movie reviews and other commentary on award nominations to post, but first let’s talk about the Golden Globes!

The start to awards season is once again upon us and sadly, I only got to see about half of the show this year…the later half as Geoff and myself were driving back from Baltimore due to my grandmother’s 70th birthday party. Anyway, I streamed what I could in the car and when the stream would inevitably give out, I resorted to reading through the Twitter feed on my new smart phone. (Look at me go…all tech savvy now.) This made me a bit sad. For as much criticism as the Golden Globes get, I think they are fun to watch. You really get to see the film industry just sort of hanging out with one another and it’s no where near as formal as the Oscars.

From what I could tell of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, they did a marvelous job of hosting. The opening monologue, which I caught on the stream in the car, was fun and lighthearted and many of the celebrities they picked on took it in their stride. I wish I could have seen more of them.

When I finally made it home, I got to see Jodie Foster give her slightly bizarre and yet interestingly enough coherent speech on working in the film industry for 47 years and my actual viewing continued from there.

I must say that I wasn’t entirely surprised by many of the recipients. I guessed that Brave and Les Miserables would take away best animated film and best motion picture-comedy or musical, respectively. I guessed that even though I wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to walk away with award for best actor in a TV mini-series or made for TV movie, that it would inevitable be Kevin Costner from Hatfields and McCoys. The one shocker to me was the best motion picture-drama category. Argo (which I haven’t seen sadly) took home the globe. I would not have guessed it and honestly I am supremely proud that I couldn’t.

Overall, this year’s Golden Globes made me smile. I was able to play my little guessing game, able to see the film industry just sort of hanging out and picking on one another and I was able to be surprised. I hope that surprises from these award shows continue to happen. They give aspiring filmmakers like me hope that predictability isn’t always what everyone wants.

The full list of winners can be found here.

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