The Emmy Nominations!

Video courtesy of Primetime Emmys.

Yes! We are heading back into that lovely time of year when I get all excited about the nominations that have come out for the various television programs I continuously find myself watching. In case that long, probably run-on sentence (no I’m not going to correct it) didn’t give it away, the Emmy nominations were released yesterday and I was as excited as ever once I got the chance to see them. There are some definite changes this year in terms of where certain shows have been placed or weren’t placed at all.

I was extremely excited to see Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia nominated for the 13 nominations that it received. (Though I was amused that only the first episode of the 3 part series was nominated.) The second series was highly anticipated here and I even watched it early because  I couldn’t wait for it to air (though I definitely watched it air here too!). They received nominations for Outstanding Mini-series or Movie,  Outstanding Directing for a Mini-series, Movie or Dramatic Special, Outstanding Writing for a Mini-series, Movie or Dramatic Special, Outstanding Art Direction for…you get the picture, Outstanding Casting, Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Costumes, Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing, Outstanding Music Composition, Outstanding Sound Editing, Outstanding Sound Mixing, and of course Outstanding Lead Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch and Outstanding Supporting Actor for Martin Freeman. That’s a lot of nominations for a mini-series, particularly one that aired on PBS. Honestly, I think it stands a good chance against some of the competitors it is up against this year (seeing as Downton Abbey isn’t in the category to sweep), but it is still up against some fabulous shows like American Horror Story.

Speaking of Downton Abbey, not being in the Mini-series category meant that it made the leap into the Drama category. This excites me because it means that Sherlock stands a better chance of winning awards, but it does worry me in terms of Downton’s  success. It’s up against a lot of really big shows and even though it has overtaken big shows in the past, I don’t know how well it can hold up to such shows as Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Game of Thrones or Mad Men…though sadly no Dexter (which I could’ve sworn I had seen earlier in the listing…guess I just really wanted to see it listed?) Should be an interesting showdown to say the least.

The Comedy category usually doesn’t interest me…mainly because I don’t watch many comedy series. However, I was pretty shocked by the lack of Glee on this years nomination list. Not that I am at all surprised. Shh! Don’t tell anyone but I muddled through the latest season of Glee and at first I was excited. It looked to be shaping up into what I always wanted Glee to be. But, then it took a turn and I just had trouble recovering from that. Looks like the Academy had similar thoughts.

All in all it looks to be an interesting evening of awards. I’ll probably con Esther into watching them with me. Here’s to the last of the award shows until January!

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