A Return Of Sorts!

The cast and crew of Hamlet. The show that took over much of my life this spring. But, I loved every moment.

Well, as per the end of the spring semester after I returned from my adventure in the UK, school and show and everything else that I had been able to juggle just fine sort of spiraled out of control. This is not at all uncommon from what I’ve found during all of my years in school. Things go fine until the midway point and then something snaps and triggers a sudden and swift descent into the world of only work.

It is in this world that I forget to blog about adventures (if there are any…which usually there aren’t…) and anything else. The good news is that I continued to write for Sutradhar’s Market…though I didn’t cross post anything. I’ll have to get better at that, but you can find anything I wrote when not writing here over there. I will also be continuing to write for that blog over the summer.

For those interested, here’s what I was up to in the break of a month.

Upon my return from the UK, I finished up Hamlet, the show I began stage managing in January…in case I didn’t mention that. Anyway, the show went off without a hitch. A few little blips backstage, one of which involved me stabbing myself with the wires from a flower, but in general things were brilliant and good.

As soon as Hamlet finished I didn’t have too much of a break. I went straight into working on my Public Diplomacy (PD) project on the UK followed by my website project (which I will hopefully launch later in the month or next) and then my research paper on fair use and intellectual property in the UK. I finished up the semester with my final for public diplomacy which tried to fix the current dilemmas that the US is having. And then we came sliding into Geoff’s graduation from grad school. Sadly, as you can tell…no real adventures were had.

There are some adventures brewing in the very near future and I actually do have a boat load of pictures to post from the weekly photo journal I started at the beginning of the year…so those will be posted as soon as I have a bit of time.

And now I should get back to working on my homework for summer classes…or class. If you follow my twitter I’m sure you’re seeing my PD tweets as they are for my PD class this summer. I think that’s a wrap for now. Things to come in the future. Stay tuned.

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