The Adventures of Becky: Episode 2- Bill Clinton Speaks at AU

I’m unsure as to whether I would actually consider this to be an adventure, or if I was just something really cool that I got to experience, but on Friday Bill Clinton came to speak at AU. Unfortunately, I was unable to reserve a ticket as they sold out within minutes of Clinton being announced as a speaker at AU, but I was fortunate enough to work where I work at the university.

My job asked if I wanted to work the event and I jumped at the opportunity. Yes, it did require me to be on my feet for a very long time as I guided VIP guests up to the reception, but I was able to watch Clinton’s speech after my job was through. 

Clinton’s speech was carefully crafted and I enjoyed listening to him. I’ve heard a lot of speakers at AU over the years, and he was one of the best. He spoke about what it means to engage with the world around you and about the public service that he did when he was in office as well as the world that he continues to do. Once he had finished his speech, he answered a few questions from students at AU that had been asked in advance and they ranged from how to solve the current debt problem to his greatest achievement.

I think what captured my attention most in his speech was when he talked about the scientific achievements that we are close to figuring out. The link between genes and breast cancer, for example. He also told some extremely humorous stories that all related back to his overall message of being a part of the world in which we live.

While this entry may seem a bit vague, it’s not because I wasn’t paying attention. It’s because the message Clinton spoke about takes more than just a few hundred words to translate. It’s something that I engrained in myself when I heard him speak and thus have a hard problem putting into words (if that makes any sense). I honesty am just grateful that I was able to hear him speak. Another good thing that 2012 has done for me.

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