The Oscar Nominations!

It is obviously that time of the year again! I know I’ve written about the start to “awards season” as I call it with the Golden Globes and now the year is moving right along into the big awards…THE OSCARS! 

The nomination came out this morning and sadly I missed seeing them announced live as I was walking to work. But, I managed to catch them via the Guardian, the Academy website and their lovely YouTube account, where they placed the announcement footage (as you can see above). I am actually grateful for all of the coverage as I no longer feel out of the loop.

I must say that the nominations weren’t all that surprising to me. Films like War Horse, The Descendants, The Help, etc. all being nominated for Best Picture wasn’t shocking at all. As I said before in another post, it’s not that these are bad films, I just wonder if we’re falling into a rut of what we consider “Oscar quality”.

But, there were a few films that were left off of the list that I was rather shocked to see missing. The Adventures of Tin Tin was no where to be found and honestly, I thought that movie was amazing. I was also shocked that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (TTSS as I refer to it often) wasn’t up for a Best Picture nod. I guess I can understand why, but it was still something I would have liked to see. I was glad that Gary Oldman was nominated for his performance in TTSS and that TTSS was nominated for best adapted screenplay.

Honestly, I feel like I might have a slight bias for the films that I have seen and loved. Those I haven’t seen, which is quite a bit, are probably marvelous, but I just haven’t invested the time in them. In other words, my bias is showing. We shall see how that changes once I start working my way through the Best Picture noms.

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