The Adventures of Becky: Episode 1- The Shooting Range

So, I decided as I thought about a title for this post that I wanted a way to differentiate all of the different things that this blog encompasses. As it is a combination, film review/media commentary blog/adventures of me/photography blog. Hence the title, “the adventures of Becky”. I kind of like it, so I’m going to keep it…and yes, they will probably be catalogued as episodes if for no other reason than it amuses me. But, seriously. Now to get back to the reason for this post. 

Yesterday, I had my first adventure of the year. Esther, Jackie and I hopped into the car and drove to Ashburn, Virginia to go shoot handguns at a shooting range run by the Silver Eagle Group. Now, I’ve never actually handled a hand gun. Well, not one that has been loaded with an actual bullet. One that contains black powder and some cream of wheat, yes..seeing as that was what the replica pistol I shot at a Civil War Re-enactment was filled with, but never an actual loaded, could-kill-someone-right-now-if-I’m-not-careful-gun. I knew going in that this was going to be an experience.

The morning started just as any other adventure would have. I picked up Esther and Jackie before we heading off to our destination. Unlike our last trip, however, we did not manage to get entirely lost. Instead, we took a few wrong turns, but quickly found our way and even had time to stop for breakfast! I must say breakfast was a definite highlight of the trip.

After a quick breakfast…and I mean quick, we drove to the range and prepared for class. Class was, as expected, very informative and helpful. Our instructor was wonderful and stressed the importance of safety when using a firearm, but didn’t go out of his way to scare us. In no time, we were on the actual range with the gun in our hands.

I’m not going to lie. At first, I was rather nervous. Loading the magazine, I could see my hands shaking. After my first shot, I started to relax. Though it was pointed out to me that I have a tendency to anticipate the recoil of the gun and thus shoot slightly to the lower left. The instructor said that the only way to fix that was practice. So, I guess practice I shall.

In general, it was an experience I was very grateful to have done. Not only did it help me in terms of actually knowing how to handle a gun, but it also helped in my writing and filmmaking. How you ask? Well, as I now know the proper ways to hold and shoot a gun, my actors will be able to hold and shoot a gun properly in a movie…even if it is just a prop gun. Definitely worth my time and I hope to go back in the near future.

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