The Golden Globes Debriefing

Well, here I sit on the Monday morning after the Golden Globes. I probably would have written this entry last night if I wasn’t as tired as I was…but, it was a long weekend. The Golden Globes last night marked what I always term the beginning of awards season. Mainly because after the Globes, we will have the Academy Awards and the BAFTAs. Basically, all of the awards that any filmmaker hopes to one day have to give an acceptance speech for receiving. 

Anyway, Esther and I settled in to watch the Golden Globes at her place yesterday a little before the red carpet coverage started at 7pm. And to be quite honest, I was really only excited to see one person at the Globes. (If you know me well enough, you know who I mean…and if you don’t know me well enough, you’ll soon figure me out pretty quickly in this department.) His name is Benedict Cumberbatch, and he is my absolute favorite actor. I’ve never been as impressed or anything with any other actor. The point of this quick introduction is that he was at the Globes last night for being in War Horse, which had been nominated for Best Drama. But, he was the main reason that Esther and I watched the pre-coverage. We were hoping to get at least a little glimpse of him on the carpet. (I did get a brief one, but it was not nearly as long as I would have liked.)

After the red carpet coverage, which honestly was pretty standard. We settled in for the actual awards. Ricky Gervais as a host was definitely a good choice in my opinion. I thought he was rather funny and made the show run rather smoothly. I still can’t get over his introduction to Colin Firth. It was just absolutely hilarious.

In addition to Gervais hosting the awards, majority of the awards given out were fairly predictable, at least in my opinion. It was fairly obvious that Downton Abbey was going to walk away with the best mini-series award, and I had pretty much predicted that George Clooney would probably walk away with the best actor award. But, some definitely were surprising. I wasn’t expecting Homeland to take home the best drama TV series. I have heard good things about it, but I didn’t expect it to outshine Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones. I also hadn’t planned on The Artist to take home the best motion picture comedy or musical. I definitely knew the film was making a splash in theaters, but I didn’t think it would beat out My Week with Marilyn or Midnight in Paris. (Even though I haven’t seen these yet, everything I’ve read has been phenomenal.)

The balance between surprises and predictable was nice during the show. I do have to say though that my absolute favorite moment was when Meryl Streep won the globe for best actress in The Iron Lady. She looked so surprised that she was being given the award, it was wonderful. I guess when you’re nominated quite a bit, but don’t win as often it becomes a surprise when you do. It was a beautiful moment.

Overall, the Golden Globes were a very nice way to welcome awards season into my life this year. I’m excited to see what is nominated for the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards, and I’m even more excited for the awards shows themselves. (Plus, this gives me an excuse to go sit in the movie theater and all of the movies I want to see!)

For the full list of winner, you can check out the Guardian where the have listed them all nice and neatly. And with that, I’m off. Until the next awards show!


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