Blast From the Past

Hey there lovely readers!

I’m sure you’ve missed me! I haven’t updated in almost a year sadly, but I’m going to blame it on the troubles of being a senior in college.

A  lot has gone on in the past few months since I returned from Egypt including the recent “revolution” that went on there this past winter. Last semester saw me take on so much more than I could possibly handle as a human being. I really pushed myself with taking two production classes (Film and Video II and Photography) and directing a live action theater show, The Maltese Bodkin. It was a great show and I hope to get some of photographs up later this year. This semester is a bit calmer than the last, though I’m working on some pretty awesome projects. I’m currently taking a television production class, which will produce a series for NBC this semester. It’s quite exciting. All of my other classes consist of International Relations classes and most of them are give and take.

I’ll stop boring you all with my life as a college student now. Somethings to note! While I love keeping this blog, I’m currently working on a redesign of it that will actually formulate itself into an actual website for me (gasp!). That means that much of my content is going offline for a little while so I can update everything.

So, there’s the update!I’ll get back to you all on that front once I have more to actually report. With that in mind though, don’t really look for too many more updates until the summer. Things will get back into full swing then. Also, then I have to sort of be a real person. You know, graduation and all that fun stuff.

Until next time!


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