Media Training By Past Preservers/ My Lack of Updates

Hey there everyone! I know that my lack of posts and updates may be rather disappointing, but I promise that I’m working really hard to get everything on this site/blog up to date. I just have to finish my semester in Egypt first.

Anyway, I know I’ve posted this before, but this is a bit more of a professional press release about the training courses the company I’ve been working for during my semester will be holding in about 2 weeks or so. I highly recommend it and as such, if you can swing it I recommend you go.

That’s all for me. Read the press release below and look for some more updates around the end of this semester/month.




Press Release, April 29th, 2010

Past Preservers, the specialist heritage and media consultancy is launching a new venture. A programme of media training courses, beginning with a weekend masterclass for historians and archaeologists wishing to develop their careers in television.

Nigel Hetherington, founder of Past Preservers, commented: “We have identified a need for media training for people with academic knowledge and skills in the fields of archaeology and history. Now, more than ever, presenters need both academic ability and first class presentation skills in order to interact with an audience that is already knowledgeable about the past and eager to learn more”

The first masterclass, entitled “Developing Foundation Media Skills 1: Presentation Skills and the Showreel” will be held on the weekend of 21st May to 23rd May at the award-winning Castle Green Hotel in Kendal, Cumbria.

In addition to the Past Preservers team of Nigel Hetherington and Miriam Bibby, the tutors for this course will be Fiona Armstrong, the broadcaster and journalist and Jim Mower, a producer of the popular programme Time Team. Places will be very limited with the emphasis on working closely to develop the skills of each individual student.

Nigel continued: “We have worked extremely hard to provide the best possible learning environment and tutors for our students. In such a competitive area as television, it makes sense for presenters and journalists to ensure that their skills meet the requirements of employers and other organisations.”

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of television documentaries from acknowledged media specialists. In addition to the wealth of experience provided by Jim and Fiona, Nigel has worked as a consultant and producer on numerous television programmes and Miriam has experience as an editor and journalist of history and archaeology publications and television consultant.

About Past Preservers:

Past Preservers provides historical and archaeological consultancy to the media by providing expert guidance and counsel throughout the creative process.

Past Preservers draws on a global network of expertise to deliver innovative and effective heritage management and technology services to non-profit, business and government clients.

Contact Information:

Nigel Hetherington, Owner & Founder

Miriam Bibby, Consultant

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