Media Training Courses by Past Preservers

Hello there fair readers!

I know you’ve missed me. I promise I’m still working on the updates, but to hold you over here’s a little something. The organization that I’m working for while I’m here in Egypt, Past Preservers, is holding a training course this May for anyone interested in working with the media. The first one will be held in the UK, but they are planning to have more as long as there is interest for them elsewhere. Here’s the announcement:

Media Training Masterclasses


DoYOUhave what it takes to work in the media?

Joinrenownedand respected professionalsfromthe mediaworldalong with thePast Preservers Teamfor Masterclasses designed to develop and strengthen your skills.

Upcomingcourseswill include:

·Developing your career as a TV Historian, Writer&Presenter

·Devisingprogram concepts

·Research skills for the specialist Media Historian/Archaeologist

Courses will be held in the UK, USA,Europeand where demand leads us.

The First course will take place on the weekend of May 21st 2010, in the UK

Course Title: Developing Media Foundation Skills 1: Presentation Skills and the Showreel

Interested?Send a statement of interestASAPto

So, if you get a chance and can figure out a way to swing it. I highly suggest going to these. It should be lots of fun! That’s all for now. More coming soon, I promise!

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