A Work in Progress

Alright, so the big day of the Oscars came and went. I was up watching it at 3:00am Cairo time, like the crazy person that I am, but you know it was well worth it. I got to see the first woman director EVER win an Academy Award for Best Directing. It gives me hope for what I can possibly become with a little work and effort.

Beyond that, things here in Cairo are moving along rather nicely. There have been some ups and downs, but that is to be expected when living in a foreign country. I once again recommend you all check out my travel blog for the latest updates on my adventures on that front. It can be found at http://asseenbybecky.blogspot.com.

Although, good news for those who don’t like to check two different sites. I’m currently working on revamping this site to make it a bit easier for me when updating. What this means for all of you is that I’m working on finding a way to stream my blog on this site as well, that way you can just read one blog and be done. More information coming on that soon. I’m also working on updating the photography section with all of my photography portfolio (I think I found an easier way to do it than what I’ve been doing in the past) and I’m working on updating the costumes section as I just found a whole mess of pictures that have been hiding on my computer and need to be displayed.

In other news, I’m also currently working an internship while I’m here in Cairo for a business called Past Preservers. You can check out their website here! I’m also working one day a week on a program called “Access” which is for under-privileged (though I really hate that term) Egyptian high school students who have been given the opportunity to study abroad in the United States. My job…teach them about American culture and provide a way for them to be more familiar with the English language. Sounds easy enough and pretty cool as I definitely feel like I’m giving something back. I mean, where would I be without some of the people who pushed me out there and into the world.

Also, you should also check out a really cool documentary produced by the BBC called Why Democracy?. It appears to be a series of sorts, but I’ve seen the one concerning Egypt and it was phenomenal. It takes to heart one of the causes that I’m really passionate about, Freedom of Speech, and points out how it is being denied to the citizens here in Egypt during the elections. It made me want to get out into the streets and do something, though what I’m unsure. I’m unsure how to get a hold of it exactly, so I recommend just Googleing it and finding it that way. Because as we all know, Google knows everything.

So, I think that’s everything I needed to catch everyone up on. Keep looking for more updates. The more free time I have, the more time I have to work on this here blog.



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