It’s That Time Again!

Dear Readers,

You have heard me right! It’s that time of year again. And I’m unsure as to what you think “that” means, but for those of us who really love the film world, it means that THE OSCARS WILL BE HERE IN THREE WEEKS! It’s definitely a big deal. At least for those of us who one day dream of holding that golden statue in our hands and giving a speech in front of all those people. Or if you’re like the other percent of the population, which includes my two flatmates here in Cairo, you could care less. After all, it’s just movies.

But, if it’s just movies then why do I get so excited when I see the advertisements here on the television. I mean, I’m planning on staying up/getting up really early to watch them if at all possible.

It’s been unfortunate that I haven’t seen as many of the “best picture nominees” as I wanted this year, but being home for only three and half weeks did not leave a lot of time to sit in the movie theater and watch them. (Although I did get a chance to watch The Golden Globes, which gave me a glimpse as to what all the movies nominated are about). I am also, however, going to try and make a trip this Saturday to see another one of the nominated films, Avatar, with my Egyptian language buddy as she has yet to see it either. I have, however, had the opportunity to see Inglorious Bastards, and it gets my vote for best picture…unless for some reason Avatar changes that. We shall see.

In other news, I have been a very bad person and have not put up anything new as of the last post. I keep meaning to, but I’m having an internal argument with myself over the best way to structure the photography page. I promise more will come, as I sorted through a lot of pictures last night and decided what exactly I want in/on my portfolio. Changes and updates will appear as soon as I get around to all of that.

But, beyond that…not much else to report. I’m here in Egypt. Struggling, exploring and still surviving. I always seem to promote it, so here it is again, my travel blog, More likely than not, the adventures are written there.

And that’s all for now!



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