New Content!

Hello world!

So, the semester is finally over and I am free for the summer! Yay! A lot has happened this semester, both good and bad. I completed a 5-page script, a 30-page script, a 15-page documentary script, a 20-page research paper on the effects of Hollywood films on the international perception of the United States and several short films. It was a difficult year and in a way I’m kind of relieved that it’s now over. I’m looking for to the summer and the challenges that brings.

I finally uploaded and placed all of the film projects that I’ve been working on this onto my blog. They can be found in the films section. I promise to continue updating the photography and make-up pages within the next few days or so, now that I have some of my free time back.

It’s been a different year and next year will be just as different. I know it. So, for now the school year has ended, but there are still several projects for me to take on during my summer. And trust me, they will be posted here as well. So check back often.

But for now, this is Becky saying “Have a great summer everyone!” You haven’t seen the last of me though.



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