Semester Update Coming At You!

Good evening world!

So, it has been a long time since I’ve updated here. Wow…Alright. So, the spring semester has and will continue to be a little hectic. I’m working on some films for my Film and Video Production I class and I’m working on scripts for my Writing for Visual Media. For my Intro to International Research class I’m working on research pertaining to violence in Hollywood films and how it alters the perception of the United States to other countries. It should be rather interesting, but difficult. My other two classes are an American history class and of course Arabic.

But, enough of this. New photos should be appearing shortly under the photographs section and later in the semester my portfolio work from this semesters film classes will be up around April, I guestimate.

Also! Exciting news! I was accepted into the film program at FAMU in Prague for next fall. So, next semester all of my updates will be from Prague and hopefully after that they may possibly be from Morocco. So, fun things in the future.

Well, take care everyone and keep an eye out for my updates!



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