Photography Contest!

Hey there readers!
Hope everyone had a happy new year! So, 2009 has arrived and you can look forward to many more interesting pieces of work coming this way…especially now that school has started. Some of the photographs I took over my break will be up soon and more make-up and costumes to come as well. I’m even considering adding a few more areas to this blog…still toying with the idea though, but if I do they would be my resume and a section containing scripts that I’ve written. Don’t know if I want to do that yet though.

In other news, I submitted one of black and white photographs to a contest in hopes of winning some money to help pay for school and my study abroad next year. So, if anyone reading this would be so kind as click here and vote for my photograph it would be awesome and mean a lot. It keeps moving up in the ranks, which is making me happy. However, you have to vote soon. The contest ends on February 11, 2009.

Thanks everyone!


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